2co Sonic Cleansing Brush.


With 4 speed settings, a one-year warranty and sold by Australia’s leading Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and Cosmetic Physicians, the 2 Co Sonic Cleansing System is the ideal Sonic Cleansing choice to add to any home skin care routine. Benefits 4 speed Facial Cleansing Brush Induction charged Cleanses up to 6 times more than a regular cleanse by hand Over 15,000 rotation-oscilations p/min to clean and exfoliate Suitable for sensitive, normal and oily skin types One year warranty The 2Co Sonic Cleansing System has been expertly designed to deliver superior and comprehensive cleaning results for all skin types.By integrating the 2CO Sonic Cleansing System into your daily skin regime, you are now on the pathway to cleaner, brighter, smoother skin. NOTE: To charge brush correctly both 2Co logos should line up on brush handle and charger base. Please read instructions in the box. 2Co Sonic Cleansing Brush Happy Customers “I’ve been using the 2co Sonic Cleansing Brush for 3 months and my skin has never felt smoother! Its like an electric toothbrush for your face, I’m addicted and can’t cleanse without it!! I’ve seen others on the market and think the value and performance of the 2co Sonic Cleansing Brush far outweighs the others on the market. Totally worth every cent! “ – Shannon – VIC “I recently purchased the 2CO Sonic Cleansing brush after recommendation from a friend. Not only was my delivery swift and efficient, but the immediate change it gave my skin was incredible. My makeup looks fresher and I’m constantly told how clear my skin looks, I can’t stop recommending a 2CO Cleansing Brush to everyone!” – Ebony – NSW “I’m a makeup artist and totally addicted to the 2CO Sonic Cleansing brush! Its 4 speed selection give my clients not only a thorough cleaning prior to makeup application, but it lessens the appearance of fine lines and gives an instant glow to all skin types! Can’t recommend this brush highly enough!!” – Jacqui – VIC

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