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The Wellness Collection

The Wellness Collection

The evolution of caring for the skin starts within. Our rejuvenating lifestyle elixirs and natural supplements were inspired by the skin-body connection and are formulated to bring balance and help restore health and overall well-being to the entire body.

Osmosis Dietary Supplements
Osmosis Harmonised Waters
Osmosis Immune Elixir

Osmosis believes in several unique steps that separate us from the competition:

1 Natural exfoliation where we feed and stimulate the skin to increase turnover with no forced exfoliation.

2 Increasing skin nutrition where we use liposomal niacinamide to increase the delivery of nutrients and immune cells.

3 DNA repair so effective it removes telangectasias, skin tags, melasma and actinic keratosis.

4 Scar remodeling using zinc fingers and macrophage stimulators

5 Growth factor replacement using adult stem cells. Our ingredients, while natural, are the most research proven actives in the world.