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The Wellness Collection

The Osmosis Collection

Our organs organise trillions of activities each day.  They perform flawlessly unless burdened with toxicity which can be noticed by irregularities in the skin or body.  Through our research and testing, we have found the most challenging skin conditions can be linked to internal disruptions.  Osmosis achieves success by restoring balance inside and out.

Osmosis Dietary Supplements
Osmosis Harmonised Waters
Osmosis Immune Elixir

Osmosis believes in several unique steps that separate us from the competition:

1 Natural exfoliation where we feed and stimulate the skin to increase turnover with no forced exfoliation.

2 Increasing skin nutrition where we use liposomal niacinamide to increase the delivery of nutrients and immune cells.

3 DNA repair so effective it removes telangectasias, skin tags, melasma and actinic keratosis.

4 Scar remodeling using zinc fingers and macrophage stimulators

5 Growth factor replacement using adult stem cells. Our ingredients, while natural, are the most research proven actives in the world.