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Moles / Skin Tags

Osmosis Moles / Skin Tags

Moles are usually pink, tan or brown. They can be flat or raised. They are usually round or oval. Skin tags sticks out of the skin and may have a short, narrow stalk connecting it to the surface of the skin. It is usually small, but may be a half-inch long.

The tag is usually the same color as skin, or a little darker. They are usually painless and do not grow or change. However, they may be irritated from rubbing by clothing or other materials. They may occur on the: neck, underarms, middle of the body, or under folds of skin, eyelids, or other body areas.

Osmosis believes that skin tags are caused by a virus and moles are usually caused by a fungus. Both are treatable by correcting their DNA. Catalyst makes them fall off over time.

Consider consulting with your physician or licensed skincare professional before embarking on a new treatment or skincare program. If you have any specific questions about these matters, consult a doctor or licensed skincare professional for a diagnosis and customized treatment plan.

Step 1: Catalyst AC-11* - Apply to area and cover with a band-aid 2 times daily.
Step 2: Rescue - Spot treat area with 1 pump or pea size morning and evening.
Step 3: Infuse Activating Mist - Spray 3-5 times directly onto skin after serum application and massage thoroughly. May repeat, if desired. It can also be used directly on irritated skin to calm it, if needed. Can be used at any point throughout the day to hydrate and promote skin wellness.

*If just starting on Osmosis, start by using serums once daily for the first week then increase amount as skin tolerates.




Case Studies

Before Photo: Day 0
After Photo : Day 30
Improvements In: Improvement in appearance of skin tag.
Homecare Regimen: Daily use of Catalyst 2x per day covered with bandage to keep moist.
Professional Treatments: No professional treatment given.
Before Photo: Day 0
After Photo : Day 335
Improvements In: Complete removal of mole without surgery or liquid nitrogen.
Homecare Regimen: Daily use of Renew, Replenish, and Catalyst.
Professional Treatments: Client received 3 Facial Infusion Treatments and 2 customized medi-facials during the transformation period.