Zinc Finger Technology

Zinc Finger Technology2017-07-14T00:24:40+13:00

What is Zinc Finger Technology?

Zinc Fingers are used by all cells in the repair and formation of DNA, RNA, and proteins. They are composed of an atom of zinc that holds two loops of protein together to form a 'finger'. Zinc finger proteins have many potential uses.

What is a Zinc Finger?

Zinc Finger Technology utilizes the key components of zinc fingers that encourage their formation and activation in the skin. This results in increased DNA repair and wound healing.

How is it Used?

Osmosis uses zinc fingers to aid in the repair of damaged DNA by 'turning on' the repair gene so the damage can be 'cut' out. Key ingredients in Osmosis' DNA Repair Serums help facilitate this process. Repairing damaged DNA impacts several aspects of skin health including:

  • Rebuild Collagen

  • Provide Sun Protection

  • Pigment Control and Normalization

  • Prevent Scarring

  • Heal 'Broken' Capillaries

  • Heal the Skin

1. DNA is damaged by the sun.

2. Zinc fingers cut out damage.

3. DNA is repaired.